No less than two young Danes have lost their lives in the United States during year 2010.

Rune Thode Nielsen died as result of a car accident. The worst part of the story is that he under these circumstances should have avoided driving. However it is well-known that the public transport network leaves a lot to wish for. Second taking a cab is generally not recommended as some might be unlicensed and properly only a front for a criminal waiting to rob foreigners.

Having enjoyed a night out as even normal high schools students do in Denmark, you found himself located far away from his temporary home and made the fatal decision to drive home. However weaken by his condition he was unable to keep the car on the road even taken into consideration that the speed was normal if he had been driving around in Denmark.

Source: Police: Alcohol and speed factored into Stanford student's fatal crash (MercuryNews)

Mikkel Christian Andersen lost his life when he left a bus on a free-way so he could take a personal moment. Unfortunately he did not enter the bus before it left and he was struck by a car. Also here was a young man who behaved as most young Danes would and it caused his death because there was no other option in this situation than to walk along this dangerous road.

Source: Danish student from Redondo Beach school killed on freeway (Daily Breeze)

It is time to warn relatives to teenagers and young adult seeking education or adventure abroad. You might not get your beloved family member home alive. Many other countries don't have the superior public transport system we are known to have in Denmark. Do not send your relatives abroad until both the public transport system is upgraded to somewhat Danish standards or prepare them for social isolation if they cannot enjoy an evening with alcohol safely.