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Legally adults have it easier

Posted by Jesper Hansen on Friday, April 5, 2013, In : Education 
We have just learned that a small community in Wisconsin named Gay Mills has expelled a Danish exchange student due to cultural differences.

It seems that this particular isolated community has stricter laws than the Danish laws covering socializing. In order to prevent a police investigation which could have endangered the future for a local U.S. high school boy the exchange student agencies in Denmark smuggled her of Wisconsin before the police could learn about the case and start their inve...

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An non-developed culture can be dangerous

Posted by Jesper Hansen on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, In : Education 
No less than two young Danes have lost their lives in the United States during year 2010.

Rune Thode Nielsen died as result of a car accident. The worst part of the story is that he under these circumstances should have avoided driving. However it is well-known that the public transport network leaves a lot to wish for. Second taking a cab is generally not recommended as some might be unlicensed and properly only a front for a criminal waiting to rob foreigners.

Having enjoyed a night out as ev...
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About the C. Eskildsen Research Center

A number ago we found that there was a growing need for independent information about how to study abroad. All too many Danes experienced problems getting their time spent abroad acreditted. And the motives for embark on such an adventure was often based on the wrong foundation, which is a kind of inferiority complex regarding our own education system compared to education found abroad. So in order to provide both counseling and information we founded the C. Eskildsen Research Center after the Danish author Claus Eskildsen who argumented for the good of Danishness. We hope that you will find our webpage useful.