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New Danish legislation achieves two goals at the same time

Posted by Jesper Hansen on Monday, June 20, 2016, In : Migration 
New laws will put 2,600 Danes who have emigrated in the past to study, work or live abroad on reduced welfare. In fact Danes who return from abroad after a stay for more then 12 months will have to wait for 8 years before they are entitled to full benefits in Denmark.

Even many Danes who lived for some years in Malmoe while they were studying because housing were cheaper over there now find themselves impacted by the new laws.

The Danish goverment introduced the laws because many poorly qualifi...
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Migrants come to Denmark too and it has become a problem

Posted by Jesper Hansen on Saturday, October 10, 2015, In : Migration 
This is a story about how small cities likes Egedal municipality struggles to find place for the large number of refugees, migrants or asylum seekers from haft Africa and countries in the Middle East like Syria. The winter is coming and tents simply don’t cut it due to the intense cold Denmark experienced this year. People continued to wear their winter clothes until late May. To force families to sleep outside in tents without having been trained would be murder.

One of the places Egedal mu...

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Traveling abroad is an adult matter

Posted by Jesper Hansen on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, In : Migration 
Two 16 year old teenagers were sent home from Berlin from a school trip because they did drink alcohol.

Instead of sending them home with the obvious choice - a direct express bus - they did choose to send them home by train - without parental supervision. The parents had signed a voucher which allowed the school to discipline the students as they fit. However the contents of this voucher may have been in violation of the Danish laws.

In general there is only so much parents can sign to let a p...
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