We have just learned that a small community in Wisconsin named Gay Mills has expelled a Danish exchange student due to cultural differences.

It seems that this particular isolated community has stricter laws than the Danish laws covering socializing. In order to prevent a police investigation which could have endangered the future for a local U.S. high school boy the exchange student agencies in Denmark smuggled her of Wisconsin before the police could learn about the case and start their investigation.

The two exchange student agencies - CETUSA and Explorius - have been exposed to massive criticism from Danish media and the general population for not standing up for the in every regards superior Danish culture covering that area but the reality is that every Dane who chooses to leave Denmark and settle for a period in an area where the culture is less developed regarding alcohol and social interaction has to agree to abstinence and mild suffering.

The case will be dealt with in the Danish court system because the family of the Danish exchange student has sued the exchange student agencies. First and foremost the host mother in Gay Mills had hacked the exchange student’s posts on Facebook, which is illegal and a serious crime in both countries. She should have been prosecuted. Secondly the contract made between the exchange student agencies and the students family might not be precise regarding the level of socializing allowed.

Of course an exchange student should be able to talk to fellow students and teachers. They should also be able to attend some official parties. Otherwise they should not go there in person but settle studying the foreign culture on the Internet or watch documentaries. Both where is the limit? Where do the exchange students stop so they don't overstep the lines? The contract should be accurate down to the last letter.

Quality is needed in this area. 10 percent of the exchange students do not last the full year despite the latest decade’s introduction of electronic advances in communication. Blame must hit the exchange student agencies because they are not doing their job good enough.

If this case should have any lasting effects the best possible outcome would be to stop sending such young people abroad and leave the area to adults only. 

Exchange student sent home for consensual sex (International culture Exchange - Denmark)