New laws will put 2,600 Danes who have emigrated in the past to study, work or live abroad on reduced welfare. In fact Danes who return from abroad after a stay for more then 12 months will have to wait for 8 years before they are entitled to full benefits in Denmark.

Even many Danes who lived for some years in Malmoe while they were studying because housing were cheaper over there now find themselves impacted by the new laws.

The Danish goverment introduced the laws because many poorly qualified freeloaders from the rest of the European Union came to Denmark where they worked just the number of months which entitled them to benefits and then left their jobs so they could cash in back in their homecountry.

Secondary many Danes went from the remote parts of Jutland to Copenhagen where they lived cheap in Malmoe so they could study in Copenhagen in the University despite the fact that their social background didn't entitle them to longer education. Normally these line of education belongs to children of wealthy parent living north of Copenhagen.

Earlier this year the government even made precautions so children from the working classes who typically mature late cannot enter high school but have to settle with training spots at local craftmen instead with a high level of grade requirements for the students to be allowed to even enter high school. Now many Danes have to settle with 9 years of schooling.

The new rules require all people - Danes and immigrant - to wait for 8 years before they are entitled to full social benefits.

Many schools are now warning Danes from studying abroad or accept job offerings abroad.